Grow further. Secure prosperity. Fulfil your vision of a better world.

You are already very successful: An investor, serial entrepreneur, business owner, bold visionary.  A powerful woman. A conscious man. A good person.

Your further growth is close to my heart. I support you worldwide on-site. I'm your Personal Confidant and Trusted Advisor, Financial Intermediary and Private Lawyer – transparent, genuine, authentic.

Together we grow beyond limits. We secure your wealth and create true prosperity. We realise your vision of greater impact and a better world.

Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert – Owner of Exclusive Advice Worldwide.

Secure true prosperity, make a greater positive impact on the world – with global projects, sustainable businesses and private philanthropy

Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert helps you 1:1 to grow beyond limits, secure true prosperity, make a greater positive impact for a better world through your global projects, sustainable businesses and private philanthropy.

Providing reliable information, actionable advice and hands-on services, he supports discerning clients like you worldwide on-site – personally and confidentially.

Being your Personal Confidant and Trusted Advisor, Financial Intermediary and Private Lawyer, Jan Hendrik accompanies you at eye level – globally: He's got your back; wherever you are, whatever your challenge is.

So that an exceptionally successful human being like you can grow further, build solid structures to secure true prosperity, realise your vision of a better world.

Personal Growth, Business & Finance, Charity & Philanthropy: Jan Hendrik has your back on-site in all of this – because it's all connected

Personal Growth

Grow beyond limits: Follow your own path, fulfil bold visions, live with joy.

Business & Finance

Secure prosperity: Build relationships and structures that serve all of life.

Charity & Philanthropy

Do much more good: Make a greater positive impact on the world now.

True prosperity requires clarity, integrity, security

Bringing clarity, expressing talents, living one's full potential. Building supportive relationships and secure legal structures, acting boldly with the highest possible integrity. Contributing significantly to development, justice and humanity in the world. All of this is my mission and true calling, my "why".

This clarity is thanks to detours, steep learning curves and the trusting patience of my teachers and friends. It wouldn't have been possible without working through some of my shadows – without deep gratitude for becoming who I can be and for the great trust of my clients as I help them improve many lives.

True prosperity – within, in our relationships, businesses and in society comes from clear and conscious action, balancing polarities and realising that love is what really matters.

I created Exclusive Advice Worldwide as a confidential and safe space for you to clarify and reflect, strategise and grow; for taking action and supporting your journey, to realise your bold visions for a greater positive impact and a better world.

Are you ready for new growth, true prosperity and a lot more ease?

You are in charge of your life's journey. As for our joint work and path, you decide where and how you want to start:

  • First Private Consultation – To know me. To know you. To find out if it works together. Free and without obligation.
  • Higher Ground Call – 1:1 video call for instant clarity and impulses on a big challenge in your business or private life.
  • New Growth RetreatIn a natural, inspiring environment we'll reveal hidden qualities, growth strategies, next steps.
  • True Success Journey – We'll take joint action, transform what needs a change. For a business and life that suits you.

Let's talk about what gets you ahead now.

Clarity & Impulses Now ➔ Higher Ground Call

Is there thick fog around you or an invisible glass ceiling above that holds you back from growing further – in your businesses, financially or with your charities? Are you stuck in your private or professional relationships? Do you feel exhausted, drained, empty or unfulfilled – and there is nobody to share it with?

Higher Ground Call – Find clarity, get impulses right away:

  • Reflect deeply on a business or private life challenge and receive appreciative and honest feedback at eye level.
  • Become aware about blocks, low energies, old structures. Discover attitudes and habits that pave a path forward.
  • Get inspired, receive new impulses and high energy from within to take your next step with clarity and confidence.

Your Higher Ground Call can be at any time soon, depending on your priorities and schedule. Allow some time beforehand for a questionnaire and guided meditation. On the call and after, expect new creative thoughts, feelings, intuitions and breakthroughs. Be curious and open. A follow up is included.

Reveal Qualities & Strategies ➔ New Growth Retreat

Have you reached a plateau of success with all your projects, businesses or private philanthropy? Do you feel pressured and overwhelmed, and often face similar challenges like unreliable partners or mistrust? Being a serial entrepreneur and investor eats you up – with no time for yourself, strategy and decisions?

New Growth Retreat – Reveal hidden qualities, strategies and next steps:

  • Discover and express hidden inner qualities and shadows; the ease and joy you've lost on your tough way to the top.
  • Let life guide you: learn to trust your intuitions and check them against your ratio. Step into emerging possibilities.
  • Set your intention: Develop clear and coherent strategies, plan next steps that reflect your genius and being.

During your New Growth Retreat we'll spend a few days 1:1 from dawn till sunset. It can be deeply nourishing in tranquil nature or creatively inspiring in a vibrant city. All depends on your agenda and hidden qualities to be evoked. The program is tailored to your needs and goals. I'll take care of the itinerary.

Joint Action & Change ➔ True Success Journey

You lack secure structures, safe havens and a trusted advisor to protect, grow and share extraordinary financial successes you have made or inherited? The relationships, contracts and entities you've built are stopping you from further growth and true prosperity? Your private life is far from being fulfilled?

True Success Journey – A joint action to create a life that fits:

  •  With a clear mind and strong creativity, we'll take action and transform your businesses and life to the next level.
  • Let go of the old, build the new: Grow from obstacles and fears. Bravely learn to embrace and love the unknown.
  • Create secure legal and financial structures, build trusted relationships that suit you. Act from genius, flow with life.

Your True Success Journey is about taking action and bringing the new to your business and private life. Whatever goals, I'll be there and have your back; long or short-term. As a Personal Confidant, Trusted Advisor, Financial Intermediary or Private Lawyer I help you 1:1 (and with my team). As long as it takes.

Successful women (and conscious men) grow further with a Trusted Advisor and Personal Confidant by their side.

Your Personal Confidant listens actively and helps you to clearly see what really matters in every moment.

He is fully present with you. He holds up a mirror to you so you can see hidden possibilities in every challenge.

He facilitates deeper understanding and compassionately voices painful truths so you can grow beyond limits.  

He encourages necessary decisions and actively supports you to break new ground – professionally and personally.

For change and new growth, true succeses and deep fulfillment to become possible – in your private life, business and in society.

Who will stand by you right away?

Nicole Jarchow

The special thing about his work is that he always connects with me where I am at. I don’t have to worry about following his methods. This happens automatically. Thank you for your commitment

Nicole Jarchow, Founder and President, Fairplay Professional Association for Models, Pfaeffikon SZ, Switzerland

About Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert, Owner and Founder of Exclusive Advice Worldwide (Zurich)

Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert is the Personal Confidant and Trusted Advisor, Financial Intermediary and Private Lawyer to affluent professional women who want to experience true successes in business and private life.

Clarity, integrity and security are core to his values – and thus of the long-term growth of his global clients.

He accompanies successful women and men like you – investors and serial entrepreneurs, public figures and visionaries, ready to grow further, secure true prosperity and make a much bigger positive impact on the world.

The unusual: He has their back personally on-site and helps them right away, confidentially and worldwide.

Born in Germany and resident of Switzerland, he calls the world his home. Jan Hendrik has helped affluent women (and conscious men) truly succeed for more than 20 years – in the US and Canada, the Middle East (Turkey, United Arab Emirates), Latin America (Brazil, Paraguay, Panama), Southeast Asia and all over Europe.

Jan Hendrik is admitted as Attorney at law (Germany) and EU-Lawyer (Switzerland). He is a former Attorney Paymaster and Escrow Lawyer (Professional Financial Intermediary, audited by a FINMA admitted Swiss Self Regulatory Organisation SRO).

He served as president of a board of directors (Swiss company on shares, AG), advisory board member of a startup and for a long time worked as a journalist, editor and anchorman for newspapers, public radio & TV.

In his spare time you will often find him by the sea, in the sea or on the sea – meditating, swimming or sailing.

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The complimentary First Private Consultation is all about you, your bigger goals and challenges.

Together we'll find out how I can be of help right away and if we are a good professional fit.

It's a very personal, discreet and confidential 1:1 conversation at eye level. It's a safe and non-judgemental space; grounded and constructive.

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