Is Switzerland the best place to open a bank account? Three topics you should consider first

8. February 2020


Are you a global Entrepreneur looking to open a bank account in Switzerland? In this video I will share with you the 3 most important topics you need to consider first: the jurisdiction, the bank itself and how to establish trust with the banking officer from the very beginning.

This short piece is an overview of a small series of videos and articles I want to publish about this subject because in my work as an international Lawyer and Private Mentor over the past years I have often been approached by people like you who thought, Switzerland is the best place for banking.

About the author

Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert

I am an international Trusted Advisor (Lawyer) and Private Mentor for successful global entrepreneurs and investors like yourself. I support you worldwide on site to grow your projects, trade and finance in a lawful way – to make a difference in the world. In my spare time you will find me by the sea, in the sea or on the sea – meditating, swimming or sailing.

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