Human Due Diligence: True Successes of global projects and trade need transparency

9. July 2020


Do you know what it really takes to be successful with international projects, private trade and financing? Among several other requirements, it’s working with the right people. No wonder…

But how do you find out if someone is genuine, for example a seller of commodities or a provider of financial instruments?

You need to do thorough human due diligence on your potential partner. You need a structured (legal) AND psychological approach. Check out the video.

What’s your experience with finding the right partner and avoiding criminal investigations?

About the author

Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert

I am an international Trusted Advisor (Lawyer) and Private Mentor for successful global entrepreneurs and investors like yourself. I support you worldwide on site to grow your projects, trade and finance in a lawful way – to make a difference in the world. In my spare time you will find me by the sea, in the sea or on the sea – meditating, swimming or sailing.

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