Security Measures

Security Measures

Trust through security: This is how you are protected at Exclusive Advice Worldwide – legal, organizational and technical measures

Client Protection through Attorney-Client Privilege

Within a legal mandate all clients of Attorney at Law Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert are protected by the attorney-client privilege.

Supervised by Lawyers' Commision & Bar

Lawyer Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert is supervised by the Hamburg Bar Association and Canton Zurich High Court Lawyers' Commission.

Pecuniary Loss Liability Insurance for Mandates

There is a pecuniary loss liability insurance in place. Under certain legal conditions it protects clients against financial losses.

Swiss registered office, company & VAT register

The office is located in Switzerland (Zurich). Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert is registered in the UID / VAT register of the Swiss Confederation.

Swiss Data Protection Law & EU GDPR regulation

Exclusive Advice Worldwide – Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert is subject to the strict Swiss data protection law and the EU's GDPR regulation.

Encryption, PGP, Digital Signature & Swiss Server

Website and e-mail retrieval are 265bit SSL encrypted. Emails are digitally signed. PGP (GnuPG) is available. Swiss server location.

Email Encryption

Unencrypted email and attachments can be read by unauthorized persons. Encrypt your important email using the “Pretty Good Privacy” (OpenPGP / GnuPG) standard.

E-Mail Signature

Since 18. February 2022 all personal e-mails from Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert (URL are digitally signed for your security. If you install the QuoVadis Trustlink Schweiz AG root certificate you can verify the following:

  • 1. Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert is the sender.
  • 2. The e-mail was not altered.

Website Security

This website has a 256bit SSL webserver certificate installed for encryption (issued by Let’s Encrypt). All communication between your browser and the webserver is secure and protected.

  • 1. Exclusive Advice Worldwide - Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert runs this website.
  • 2. Your connection is 256bit SSL encrypted, if you typed and a lock is shown next to the URL.

E-Mail Certificate

  • Owner: Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert
  • Certificate: QuoVadis Swiss Advanced CA G4 / Check certificate here
  • Issued by: QuoVadis Trustlink Schweiz AG
  • Valid from: 2022/FEB/18
  • Valid until: 2025/FEB/18
  • Serialnumber: 5F:3E:7C:07:69:55:E0:E9:3F:74:2E:E0:1B:EE:F6:16:D9:13:34:0F
  • Fingerprint SHA-256: BC:A3:11:42:16:A7:3A:EC:7A:72:6D:30:00:65:45:DF:F7:FB:09:DE:62:83:9A:B6:DD:4F:A0:28:14:93:22:8B
  • Fingerprint SHA-1: 0A:55:D8:1A:85:3F:C9:48:F4:B5:D7:DF:24:2F:4C:5E:95:53:92:41